Local media curation is more than just local news, it’s curating the content the community creates

Check out Friday’s article by Lisa Skube of Journalism Accelerator that describes the evolution of The Breaking News Network. We added the following comment:

Curation of the community is more than just local news, it’s curation of the content the community creates. We’re focused on promoting the civic institutions creating content that enriches lives, so one of our projects is to expose the real time activities of museumsperforming arts and the local politicians. (We’re big Rebelmouse fans because we use their visual Pinterest-style display platform that enhances the artistic nature of these organizations). We also aim to bring the messages of national causes like DoSomething.org down to the local level by amplifying their local advocacy in every city.

We cherish the idea that these civic institutions don’t need to do anything to get their message across the community using social media, we just set them up once to run and it broadcasts automatically forever. It’s far more efficient than the editor submission model that requires continual updating to local publishers. If you’re a civic institution, in the performing arts, or a nonprofit, we’d be pleased to promote your work (free) in your city, apply below.

Finally, we also work with startups, particularly those in the collaborative consumption and sustainability / green spaces offering services that benefit communities. For example, for FlyersUp, a startup that facilitates the uploading of community flyers, we display flyers by city.


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